Fantasy Premier League in Nepal: Free FPL Leagues with Exciting Prizes

List OF Free Fantasy Premier Leagues of Nepal

The list will be updated as we know or new free leagues with prizes are introduced .Check Back Soon here !!

Padandas FPL Managers : Padandas

Organizer : Padandas FPL Managers

League Name : Padandas FPL Managers

League Code : jesbf4

Organizer Details : link   

Free entry to next season for top 10 players . This time there are  no prizes 

Gadgetbyte : Gadgetbyte League

Orgamizer : GadgetByte Nepal

League Name : Gadgetbyte League

League Code :  kzb0e5

Rules: Link

Orgamizers Details : link

Gadgetbyte FPL ⚽ is back again with an Rs. 1.5 lakh prize pool. Be a part of this thrilling journey as we crown the next FPL maestro. 👑


meme NEPAL X IME Pay League : meme NEPAL X IME Pay League

Organizer : meme NEPAL X IME Pay League

League Name : meme NEPAL X IME Pay League

League Code : Get league code from ime pay app

Organizer Details :  link


Organizer : FPL Manager Nepal


League Code : 9hyc2p 

Organizer Details : Link

Give and Grab : Give and Grab Pvt Ltd

Organizer : Give and Grab Pvt Ltd

League Name :  Give and Grab 

League Code : Jfndla

Organizer Details : link

With our revised prizes and distribution pattern, here comes again, Give and Grab Fantasy. All you need to do is like and follow our social media pages from link below and mention your three friends in comments section.




FootyGuffs : FootyGuffs

Organizer : FootyGuffs

League Name : FootyGuffs

League Code : p5anhi

Organizer Details : link

🚨To qualify for the prizes🏆, there are two simple criteria:
1. We run a football podcast FootyGuffs🎙️on YouTube. Subscribe to our YouTube channel
2. Follow us on Instagram

ROAD TO GLORY🏆-(RAC-Bharatpur) : roadtoglory.fpl 

Organizer : roadtoglory.fpl 

League Name : ROAD TO GLORY🏆-(RAC-Bharatpur)

League Code : ndb111

Organizer Details : link