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Object-Oriented Programming


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CSIT - Object-Oriented Programming Notes - Tu Bsc.Csit Notes & Solutions

CSIT - Object-Oriented Programming Notes - Tu Bsc.Csit Notes & Solutions


Title: Object-Oriented Programming with C++ - Course Contents Overview

Unit 1: Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming

  • Programming Paradigms Overview (3 Hrs)

    • Structured Programming vs. Object-Oriented Programming
    • Characteristics of Object-Oriented Languages

    Notes and Resources:

Unit 2: Basics of C++ Programming

  • Foundations of C++ (5 Hrs)

    • Program Structure, Tokens, Data Types, Type Conversion
    • Preprocessor Directives, Namespaces
    • Input/Output Streams, Manipulators
    • Dynamic Memory Allocation, Control Statements
    • Functions: Overloading, Inline, Default Arguments, Pass/Return by Reference
    • Pointers: Declaration, Operators, Arrays, Functions

    Notes and Resources:

[Continue the pattern for Units 3 through 8]

Unit 3: Classes & Objects

  • Understanding Classes and Objects (8 Hrs)

    • Class and Object Basics, Member Access
    • Initialization (Constructor, Destructor)
    • Constructors: Default, Parameterized, Copy
    • Objects as Function Arguments, Memory Allocation
    • Static Members, Defining Member Functions Outside Class

    Notes and Resources:

Unit 4: Operator Overloading

  • Exploring Operator Overloading (7 Hrs)

    • Fundamental Concepts, Restrictions
    • Operator Functions, Overloading Unary/Binary Operators
    • Data Conversion: Basic to User-defined, User-defined to Basic

    Notes and Resources:

Unit 5: Inheritance

  • Understanding Inheritance (7 Hrs)

    • Introduction, Derived and Base Classes
    • Access Specifiers, Types of Inheritance
    • Constructors and Destructors in Derived Classes, Aggregation

    Notes and Resources:

Unit 6: Virtual Function, Polymorphism, and Miscellaneous C++ Features

  • Exploring Polymorphism (5 Hrs)

    • Virtual Functions, Late Binding, Abstract Classes
    • Virtual Destructors, Friend and Static Functions
    • This Pointer, Concrete Classes, Roles of Polymorphism

    Notes and Resources:

Unit 7: Function Templates and Exception Handling

  • Function Templates and Exception Handling (4 Hrs)

    • Function and Class Templates, Templates and Inheritance
    • Exception Handling: Try, Throw, Catch

    Notes and Resources:

Unit 8: File Handling

  • File Operations in C++ (6 Hrs)

    • Stream Class Hierarchy, Input/Output Operations
    • File Input/Output, Opening/Closing Files
    • Sequential and Random Access, Error Handling in File Operations

    Notes and Resources:

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