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Unit 4 History and culture : English NEB Class 11

Notes of English - History and culture CLASS 11 ENG . Padandas Notes

Ways with words


A. Match the words with their meanings.

Brevity âžœ lasting only for a short time

Conquest âžœ victory over a place or people by use of military force

Resemblance âžœ the state of being alike

Barbarian âžœ a member of an uncivilized group of people of culture

Ally âžœ one state united to another by a treaty or a league for a military purpose

Nobility âžœ state of being noble in character, quality, or rank

Ruthlessness âžœ character of having no pity or compassion

Decimation âžœ the killing or destruction of a large number of a population

Harsh âžœ cruel

Elixir âžœ liquid that is believed to cure all ills

B. Find the following words in the text and use them in sentences of your own.

The people live under a constant threat of invasion.

The present article will disregard this distinction.

His happiness was of paramount importance.

They had the populace on their side.

The peasants’ revolt was crushed by the king.

He was in constant fear of assassination and distrusted all around him.

It has reduced us politically to serfdom.

D. Consult a dictionary and prepare a list of ten homographs.

Bass – a type of fish/low, deep voice
Bat – a piece of sports equipment/an animal
Evening – smoothing out/after sunset
Bear – to endure/animal
Close – connected/lock
Lean – thin/rest against
Bow – bend forward/front of a ship
Lead – metal/start off in front
Skip – jump/miss out
Fair – appearance/reasonable

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